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Top 3 NASA Funny Moments

Traveling into space is a pretty serious job but every now and then NASA and its staff experience some funny moments that make you realize even professional astronauts make mistakes. Whether these funny moments were because of human error, or just something did not go right that day, they are still funny to think about.1998 Mars OrbiterBack in 1998, a mission was designed to take a close look at the climate history of Mars. Also, NASA was hoping to determine if the planet had ever sustained water on it. A $125 million dollar NASA craft was designed and creator especially for this mission. As the man-less craft headed for orbit, it ended up burning up in the atmosphere instead. This...

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Old Concepts, New Ideas

Spying can be fun to do in your spare time. What you spy can determine whether or not it would back-fire you in the future. When it comes to spying, it's best for those who are in the legal fields like NASA to take this task on. Who would've known that spying can revolve around technology. Spying technology can keep the art of spying new. When NASA took on spying, it took that art to a whole new level. Sometimes we like to spy on what's above us. Looking at the sky and what it has to offer like viewing of the stars can be considered spying above. Looking into a horoscope is a form of spying to look for...

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