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Geeks around the world are coming out of their shells, taking over media and pop culture with the ease of a star cruiser finding a new planet. New geeks are being created daily as more people come to understand the attraction of geek culture. Movies, comics and the Internet helps to spread geek culture around the world. This also helps create an industry based around collecting. One of the hottest types of collectibles are those surrounding both factual and fictional space travel.

Here are a 4 tips to help find the right item.

The INTERNET is a great tool
When looking for that perfect replica of the moon lander or a favorite movie spaceship, use the Internet to do the search. This is one of the most powerful tools for going through data available to the common man in the history of the world. Don't be shy when looking for the item and use as many sites and groups as possible. Just be careful when doing transactions on the Internet. Keep a wary eye and always err on the side of safety. No collectible is worth identity theft or bodily hurt.Β 

Local space groups
Another way to find that right piece of space-based memorabilia is to join local groups with a common interest. Often a group of people can think around issues and problems that might stump one person. Finding just the right laser saber or light emitting phaser from that great episode of that classic series might be hard, but a group of people could help in that search. This group can also become friends and help make a geek excursion to a convention.

Science Fiction and Space conventions
One thing that many conventions are known for is their seller rooms. These are rooms that have wall to wall vendors selling a variety of items. These items include books, toys, comics, suits and memorabilia from or about classic shows. There are also vendors that sell memorabilia related to real life space activities, including patches from suits and mock-ups of space equipment.Β 

Meeting people around the world
Conventions are also a great way to meet others that are into the space geek scene as well. Although these people might not be local, creating a network of like-minded people around the country and the world can help in obtaining the perfect item. Collecting space-based geek memorabilia is fun and a rewarding experience that can expand the horizons of all who participate.

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