Pluto and Beyond

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has successfully explored the dwarf planet Pluto. Once this mission was completed, the U.S. has now become the first and only country to have explored all of the planets within our solar system. This is a great achievement for space exploration. Pluto's 9-year mission was necessary because it finally allowed astronomers and scientists to finally see what was on the surface of this tiny planet. 

The photos have been sent back by an unmanned spacecraft named New Horizons. This spacecraft sent back some amazing pictures of Pluto which revealed the different land features on the planet. Pluto has craters, great mounds, Ice mountains and frozen plains. The dwarf planet also has dark spots which are located near the equator. Apparently, the exploration of Pluto has closed an era of space exploration that was started about 53 years ago. Now, a new movement or era in space has begun and NASA will also be at the forefront of this undertaking. 

NASA is already teaming up with private companies to start sending commercial flights into space. People who have the money will be able to pay a fee to travel from Earth to the moon and beyond. Mars is a prime target for commercial space flights and so is the moon. There are already private companies that are developing practical ways for this to happen. 

Some speculate that the United States wants a permanent presence on Mars. In order for this to happen, NASA must use the help of commercial companies. This is probably the most important factor as to why space commercialism is now the next step for exploring and settling space. The U.S. does not have the money to fund the program and private enterprise will definitely be the way for NASA to continue its efforts with colonizing far away planets and moons.

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