Top 3 NASA Inventions 0f All-Time



NASA holds over 6,300 patents, so, it's no wonder that some of them have improved
life here in the states. This is just a few of NASA's inventions that were meant
for astronauts but ended up being adapted for every day modern uses as well. With
them being so common now, some of them you would never guess were designed and 
built by NASA scientists.

Invention #3: Cordless Tools
To be clear "Back and Decker" came out with this but NASA perfected it with them.
This one is so common that basically every home in America has a cordless tool of
one kind or another. These types of technology were a matter of practicality for the
astronauts that were meant to use them. It allowed them to move about freely without 
the added concern for snagging cords on equipment. We use them for similar scenarios
here on the ground albeit with less worry for drastic accidental results. Certainly 
cordless technology has spread and we are grateful to have it. 

Invention #2: Aural Infrared Thermometers
This strange sounding tool is more common than you'd think. These are the ones 
that can take your temperature reading from your ear instead of your mouth or 
(you know where)other places you may not want to. Thankfully these ones here are 
more accurate and are quicker with no mess needed. They contain no mercury as well.
The way they work is by bouncing infrared lasers into the skin to relay the temp 
back to the receiver and you have a reading. This has been great for hospitals 
clinics, parents and anybody who has needed to check their core temperature.

Invention #1: Scratch Resistant Coating
When was the last time you dropped your glasses or anything else 
with this magical coat on it and thought "Man I'm glad that didn't scratch" 
after the fact? You can thank the good folks at NASA for this one here as well. 
Made from a mix of Carbon and Silicone this stuff is the very thing that 
eyeglass wearers have been so grateful to have on their specs. 
Where before you had to try to polish the scratches out or just buy new 
lenses altogether. I think everyone can agree that the former is better than 
the latter here. 

Ultimately, NASA is responsible for these and many more inventions that are being
used by millions everyday. Thanks NASA!

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