The Necessities in Order for People to Live on Other Planets



Have you ever wondered what it would be like to exist on another planet? What kind of world it was, if there are other life forms on it, is it like Earth? You might have asked yourself these very same questions, perhaps even searched through a telescope to try and locate one. It is an interesting concept of the ability to live somewhere in a different galaxy. With the numerous scientist around the world researching the possibility of space travel, one day it might just be a reality. There is a variety of super high-tech telescopes that have been created to delve into deep space and the vast beyond.

To have the ability to survive on another planet humans would need an unlimited supply of fresh oxygen. With practically no oxygen available there could be no chance of survival without plenty of back up on hand. Since most planets have a constant flow of radiation circulating in the air, a special suit would be required to protect the people. The contaminated dirt and soil on the planet will have to go through a decontamination process to use it for planting crops. 

Humans would need a constant supply of food and water, so they don't get dehydrated or die of starvation. Another issue to ponder on is how it could be successfully delivered before the rations start getting low. Depending on the climate of the planet, some type of device should be used to regulate body temperature. Having access to a vehicle to travel from one place to another would be convenient for mobility and possibly to live in. Having building materials and supplies to build structures, to create a well-rounded community. 

It is of the utmost importance to have emergency supplies as well as a first aid kit on hand close by. This will ensure everyone's health and safety, possibly saving numerous lives in the process. 

My opinion is, if possible, it would be a unique experience.


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    The oxygen might render you unable to survive on another planet, like you wrote. If that plant does have a unique source of oxygen-unlimited-it would be great, but you would have to live with the radiation levels, perhaps toxic atmosphere, even body changes-as you would need to adjust to the completely different characteristics. Even then, unlimited oxygen source would be highly unlikely. There is a limited amount of oxygen in the universe, and there would need to be a stable place. You need to have an atmosphere. stable magnetic field, and the perfect distance from whatever star it is orbiting around-even then this is highly unlikely. And your body would, again, have to adjust to the differentiates of the planet. Although ,I agree with you. It would be quite an experiance.

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