Top 3 Space Movies of All-Time


Individuals who wish to find the greatest in space movies can look to the movies described below to find movies that have inspired and motivated current and potential astronauts. They breathed life into to the whole concept of space travel. These are some of the movies that undoubtedly have done; and have sparked imagination in one form or another

One of the well known and exciting movies that seems to always lend motivation to the space race is Apollo 13. This has to be on everyone's list as an exciting space movie that pitted the lives of astronauts in a post moon mission. It tells the tale of the Apollo 13 crew and their problem entering the Earth's atmosphere. It was the 7th manned mission of the great Apollo program and was to send men to the moon. Apollo ran into great difficulty along the way and put the lives of the astronauts in peril. The movie consisted of Jim Lovell (Tom Hanks), Fred Haise (Bill Paxton) and Jack Swigert (Kevin Bacon in the title roles, and the NASA space team led the astronauts safely to earth who were in peril on their mission back home. It spawned the line "Failure is not an option." It is one of the motivational films for NASA and gave pride to the team on the ground. This inspiring and true to life tale pitted the NASA scientists against the vagaries of space in this human interest story.

Another space movie that is one that has been well received by the space community is 2001 a Space Odyssey. This was a 1968 Stanley Kubrick movie that enthralled viewers. This space odyssey movie has been so well received that was so accurate in its dimensions that leaders of NASA detailed the craft used in the movie NASA East. It was a 1968 space mission that gave individuals the look and feel of a space mission. The venture was a very will known movie that allowed those to go into space and motivated those who are looking for space exploration into the future. It gave viewers and would be astronauts a real glimpse into what would be the future in this futuristic drama, evil Hal non withstanding.

Another movie that was instrumental for space exploration was Stark Trek in 1979. This encouraged potential explorers. It gave grist to wonder what was out there. This is one of the movies that has intrigued many would be astronauts. This is the movie that allowed all of those looking for space travel to enjoy the potential of exploring alien universes. It did very well in it's day at the Box Office. "Space, the "Final Frontier"that about says it all. To explore where no man has gone before, it inspired future astronauts as well as legions of fans.

There you have it. These are some of the movies that have motivated, intrigued, and inspired those who have longed to travel to the stars and beyond. Make certain to investigate these movies when you are looking for the best space movies of all time.

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