The Space Store has a large selection of NASA patches. Instead  of creating 10 sections for every program, we have put them in this section. We may be down to one or two of these, so they may disappear off this page, so first come, first served. We will stock more as we are able to!

APOLLO 17 - 50TH ANNIVERSARY COMMEMORATIVE PATCH Apollo 17 - 50th anniversary commemorative 4'' silk patch. This was created by Beeninspace to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the last lunar landing. Comes attached to a descriptive 5x5'' card.
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Artemis 1 Rollout 2 patch from Artist Tim Gagnon
Artemis 1 Rollout 2 patch from Artist Tim Gagnon Now in stock!! 5'5" x 4.19" fully embroidered patch  Our limited purchase is 150 patches. No more to be issued. The first one sold out in 12 hours! At sunset on...
CAPSTONE Patch from AB Emnblem
CAPSTONE Patch from AB Emnblem (Cislunar Autonomous Positioning System Technology Operations and Navigation Experiment) is a lunar orbiter that will test and verify the calculated orbital stability planned for the Lunar Gateway space station. The spacecraft is a 12-unit CubeSat...
NASA Patches Official NASA Vector Logo Patch
NASA Patches  Official NASA Meatball Logo PatchThe Vector logo is the official and original NASA logo created in 1959 and revived in 1992. Nicknamed the 'meatball, the sphere represents a planet, the stars represent space, the red vector represents aeronautics...
Official NASA Vector Logo Patch 8 Inches
Official NASA Vector Patch in 8 inchesThis is an 8 inch version of the famous NASA Vector patch suitable for framing or sewing on the back of a jacket.
Artemis Program Patch 10''
Artemis Launch Live on Wednesday, October 5. Get the hottest selling Official AB Enblem Artemis Program Patch in Black  NEW! In Black. This high quality, fully embroidered patch is 10" tall X  3 7/8" wide. From AB Emblem. NASA is committed...
Webb Telescope Mission Patch
JWST Mission Patch  Stunning New Design! Approximately  4" by 4 1/2"  The James Webb Space Telescope is a space telescope being jointly developed by NASA, the European Space Agency, and the Canadian Space Agency. It is planned to succeed the Hubble...
$11.95 $8.35
Woman on the Moon Patch
Woman on the Moon Patch  A commemorative patch depicting a woman on the moon - Artemis.  A stunning landmark design to celebrate the importance of women in space exploration. A portrait of the Greek Goddess Artemis is illustrated in the...
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NS-19 Patch 2021 - LIKE FATHER - LIKE DAUGHTER  Patch from Artist Tim Gagnon On May 5, 1961 Astronaut Alan Shepard became the first American to fly into space when he launched in a Mercury spacecraft he named “Freedom 7”...
DART Mission Patch
DART Mission Patch Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) Mission.  Approximately  4" by 3 3/4" The world’s first full-scale mission to test technology for defending Earth against potential asteroid or comet hazards, launched on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Space Launch...
LUCY Mission Patch
LUCY Mission Patch  Lucy is a NASA space probe that will complete a 12-year journey to eight different asteroids, visiting a main belt asteroid as well as seven Jupiter trojans, asteroids which share Jupiter's orbit around the Sun,orbiting either ahead of or behind the planet. All target encounters...
Window Observational Research Facility Patch
Window Observational Research Facility Patch  Approximately 4 1/2” Diameter WORF was delivered on April 5, 2010 by STS-131 . The Window Observational Research Facility (WORF) is an experiment rack facility was manufactured in Huntsville, AL, by Boeing., which remotely operated...
THE ARTEMIS TEAM 8" Patch  this is a high quality, 8" embroidered patch  NASA has named its effort to return to the Moon and journey to Mars “Artemis.” Mythology tells us that Artemis was the sister of Apollo, the Goddess...
$26.95 $18.86
NASA Mission Operations Team Orbital Flight Test 2 Mission Patch from AB Emblem
NASA Mission Operations Team Orbital Flight Test 2 Mission Patch from AB Emblem NEW!  This is the Boeing Mission Operations Team’s Official OFT-2 Mission Patch. 4.75" x 4"  Liftoff on the United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket with Starliner is targeted...
Hubble Space Telescope Anniversary Patch
Hubble Space Telescope Anniversary Patch  5" X 4.5" "On April 24th we marked the 31st anniversary of the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope. Like everything else, the pandemic delayed this by a year. Jorge Carters and I  created a...
Shuttle Training Aircraft 4" Patch
Shuttle Training Aircraft 4" Patch from AB Emblem.  The Shuttle Training Aircraft was a NASA training vehicle that duplicated the Spaces Shuttle's approach profile and handling qualities, allowing Space Shuttle pilots to simulate Shuttle landings under controlled conditions before attempting the task on board the Space Shuttle. The...
FINAL FLIGHT - NON EST AD ASTRA MOLLIS E TERRIS VIA "There is no easy way from the Earth to the Stars." The Earth is shown at night with city lights sparkling below and stars above. Over the ocean the...
STS-1 40th Anniversary Commemorative by Artist Tim Gagnon
STS-1 40th Anniversary Commemorative Each patch is hand signed on the back by Tim. Inspired by the work of Robert McCall, Tim Gagnon and Jorge Cartes commemorate the first Space Shuttlemission and America’s return to space with this 4-inch wide...
Artemis Program Patch
Artemis Program Patch  The Official 4" fully embroidered patch. 4" tall X  3 7/8" wide NASA is committed to landing American astronauts, including the first woman and the next man, on the Moon by 2024. Through the agency’s Artemis lunar...
ARTEMIS 1 Mission Patch
ARTEMIS 1 PATCH  This is the Official ARTEMIS 1 4" Mission Patch from AB Emblem. (Artemis 1 Map not included)  Artemis 1, is a planned uncrewed test flight for NASA's Artemis program. It is the first flight of the agency's...
Artemis Commemorative Patch
Artemis Commemorative - by Artist Tim Gagnon this is a high quality, 5" embroidered patch  NASA has named its effort to return to the Moon and journey to Mars “Artemis.” Mythology tells us that Artemis was the sister of Apollo, the...
Flight Crew Operations Patch
Flight Crew Operations Patch  Flight Crew Operations Directorate (FCOD) Designed by NASA graphics technical lead Sean Collins in 2011 Approximately 4” Diameter
Apollo Mission Patch Collage
Apollo Program Collage Beautiful one piece set of Apollo emblems. Program emblem surrounded by the individualmission emblems. Size 10 3/4" x 10 1/2". Great for collectors!! Mission patches are 2" patches Apollo Program Patch in center is an 8" patch...
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Women of Space Patch
Women of Space Patch  As the main objective of space exploration is to improve life on Earth, the globe is supported by female hands, The iconic symbol of women is in gold. The 13 stars in the sky celebrate the...
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