EVA Patch

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The EVA Patch is worn on the left shoulder of the EVA suits used by shuttle astronauts.

The astronaut depicted in the patch, is an adaptation of Leonardo da Vinci's "The Vitruvian Man" sketch.The patch was first worn by Story Musgrave and Don Peterson on STS-6. The Original Patch had 3 Stars:
  • 1) Ed White's 1st EVA (Gemini 4)
  • 2) Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin's 1st Lunar EVA (Apollo 11)
  • 3) Pete Conrad & Joe Kerwin's Skylab "rescue" EVA (Skylab 2)
  • 2 additional stars have been added, making a total of 5.
  • 4) Story & Don's 1st Shuttle EVA (STS-6)
  • 5) Jim Reilly & Mike Gernhardt's 1st ISS EVA (STS-104/ISS 7A)