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NASA SPACEX Crew 1,2,3,4,5, 6, 7 Coin Set
NASA SPACEX Crew 1,2,3,4,5,6, 7 Coin Set  Set of all 7 NASA SPACEX Crew Coins.  * Crew 7 coin not in image, but will be included.  Please choose your display option; the acrylic stands, or the floating frame displays.   
$111.65 $89.32
NASA SPACEX Crew Dragon Patches Set. Crew 1, 2, 3, 4 , 5, 6, 7, and 8
NASA SPACEX Crew Dragon Patches Set. Crew 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 SAVE $10 AS A SET. This set includes all 5 of the AB Emblem NASA SPACEX Crew Dragon patches, Crew 1, Crew 2, Crew...
$87.60 $79.60
Complete Set of all 29 CRS SpaceX Patches
Complete Set of all 29 CRS SpaceX Patches  These are a set of all 29 CRS SpaceX Mission 4" Patches from AB Emblem. (CRS 28, 29 not in the photo, but included)  Save 10%, when purchasing the set.  Commercial Resupply...
$288.55 $245.27
Apollo Missions Patch Set
A complete set of 12 official Apollo Mission 4" patches, plus the official Apollo Program patch. Save over $10 when buying the set!  Apollo Missions Patch Set This set includes 13 patches - the Apollo Program patch and the Apollo...
$124.95 $99.95
Four piece Meteorite Specimen Collector's Set
Four piece Meteorite Specimen Collector's Set This wonderful collectors’ set features four different specimens.  Three meteorites representing all of the major meteorite types (stone, iron and stony-iron), plus an impactite! Impact glasses are created by ancient meteorite events on Earth....
$65.00 $52.00
Lunar NWA 14041 Meteorite
Lunar NWA 14041 Meteorite This Lunar Meteorite comes in a very stylish, 2 sided display box.  The Moon image further sets off your meteorite. This is a NWA 14041 Class: Lunar (Feldsp. Breccia)  Your Lunar Meteorite comes with a Certificate...
$125.00 $99.95
Impactite Meteorite Magnetic Collectible
Impactite Meteorite Magnetic Collectible Meteorte Type: Impactite Meteorite Weight: Less than 1 gram Presented in a 3 part, acrylic box that is 3" x 2" box with magnets. Small meteorites are slowed by our atmosphere and, when they land, often...
$37.65 $29.95
La√Ęyoune 002 Lunar Meteorite
La√Ęyoune 002 Lunar Meteorite NEW! MAY 2023 This is a 20-40 milligram speciman in a 2" x 1.5" acrrylic box with specifications on the back.¬† Find / Fall: Find 2022Location: Saguia el Hamra, Western SaharaClassification: Lunar (feldspathic breccia)Total Known Weight:...
$64.95 $55.00
Martian Dust Necklace Vial
Stunning Mars Dust Necklace This is a stunning and intriguing Mars meteorite pendant. It is made with a sample of genuine Mars meteorite dust. When you realize that this sample was once part of the surface of Mars - and...
$75.00 $64.95
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Campo del Cielo Meteorite Pendant
A generous size Campo del Cielo Meteorite Pendant.  These Iron Nickel Meteorite Fragments are from Argentina. Each one is generously sized and unique.   Comes in a nice gift box and includes a Certificate of Authenticity. 
$49.95 $39.95
'Artemis-A New Era of Exploration' patch by Tim Gagnon
'Artemis-A New Era of Exploration' This is a design by Tim Gagnon  Approx. 4.75" x 5.5" "This patch was inspired by a photo I took in late March of the Artemis 1 SLS on the pad from the road to the Canaveral National Seashore....
$15.95 $12.65
Artemis - Apollo Patch
ARTEMIS - APOLLO NASA named it's effort to return to the Moon (and eventually onto Mars) ARTEMIS. In Greek mythology, Artemis is the sister of Apollo, goddess of the hunt, the wilderness, wild animals, the Moon, and chastity. In 1972...
$12.95 $10.36
Artemis Team 8" Patch
Artemis Team 8" Patch¬† this is a high quality, 8" embroidered patch¬† NASA has named its effort to return to the Moon and journey to Mars ‚ÄúArtemis.‚ÄĚ Mythology tells us that Artemis was the sister of Apollo, the Goddess of...
$29.95 $24.00
Boeing Crewed Flight Test Medallion
Boeing Crewed Flight Test Medallion This 1.75" medallion is stunning!  Please choose display choice: acrylic stand 19.95 or with 2-view frame: $23.95 Now in stock! The Starliner spacecraft will launch on a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket from Space...
$22.95 $18.25
Webb Telescope Mission Coin
JWST Mission Coin  Stunning New Design! 1.75" Includes acrylic stand The James Webb Space Telescope is a space telescope being jointly developed by NASA, the European Space Agency, and the Canadian Space Agency. It is planned to succeed the Hubble...
$19.95 $15.96
Mars Perseverance Limited Edition Sculptured Silver Plated Coin
Limited Edition Sculptured Silver Plated Coin commemorating Perseverance Landing on Mars NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover commemorative coin, made right here in the Space Coast! Commemorating the landing of the Perseverance Rover on the Red Planet! A limited mintage of 10,000,...
$39.95 $31.96
LUCY Mission Medallion
LUCY Mission Medallion High quality medallion.  Choose acrylic stand or the floating frame for $4 more. One medallion per order. Photo with 2, to show both sides.  Lucy is a NASA space probe that will complete a 12-year journey to eight...
$21.95 $15.30
Space Shuttle Program Official NASA Mission Complete Commemorative - Bronze Medallion
SPACE SHUTTLE PROGRAM -OFFICIAL MISSION COMPLETE COMMEMORATIVE BRONZE MEDALLION Official NASA Mission Complete Medallion in Antique Bronze CONTAINS FLOWN METAL MATERIAL! This official Mission Complete Medallion is 1.75" and commemorates the historic completion of the Space Shuttle Program. In addition, this...
$22.95 $18.36
Launch America Spacex Dragon Crew Capsule Silver Coin Photo Mint Card
Launch America Spacex Dragon Crew Capsule Silver Coin Photo Mint Card with stand. NEW!! CELEBRATE THE LONG AWAITED DM-2 LAUNCH WITH THIS BEAUTIFUL DM-2 LAUNCH CARD PRESENTATION! Featured in this limited edition 4‚ÄĚx 6‚ÄĚ acrylic display is a card commemorating...
$25.95 $18.15
Apollo 50th Anniversary Edition of Earth, Moon & Mars To Scale Box Set
Apollo 50th Anniversary Edition of Earth, Moon & Mars To Scale Box Set The Apollo 50th Anniversary Edition of our best-selling Earth, Moon & Mars To Scale Box Set. Includes Educational story card listing fun facts and all Apollo missions,...
$32.95 $26.25
Mars Mission Transporter
Mars Mission Transporter  This Mars mission Mars transporter comes with Astronaut. Cockpit and cargo bay areas open. Engine lights & sound. Includes satelite probe, escape pod, spacewalk tether. Uses 2 AAA batteries (included). Ages 3+
$49.00 $39.20
MARS MISSION SOLAROVER This Mars Mission Solarover is part of the Space Adventure Series. Space Exploration is a new frontier. Your child can reach the stars of their imagination with this Mars Solarover playset. Each set comes with a Mars...
$34.95 $26.20
Metal Earth Boeing 3D CST-100
NASA Boeing Starliner Spacecraft Metal Earth Steel Model Kit NASA Boeing Starliner Spacecraft Metal Earth Steel Model Kit This amazingly detailed model starts as a 4" square sheet and finishes as a 3-D model. Boeing's Crew Space Transportation (CST)-100 Starliner...
$14.95 $10.46
Planets and Stars
$11.95 $8.95
Planets and Stars
Planets and Stars The Great Explorations Planets & Stars from University Games glow longer and brighter with Glominite. Transform your room into a glowing galaxy! Use the Planet & Stars set to brighten any room. Lifetime Glow Guarantee with Glominite...
$11.95 $8.95
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