Lunar Meteorite NWA 4483 MOONROCK - Lunar Rock

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A real Moonrock - Lunar Meteorite NWA 4483 - Size XS : approx. 0,008g

Here's your chance to own a real moonrock at an unbeatable price Lunar meteorites are among the most popular and sought-after meteorites, the total weight of lunar meteorites ever found is incredibly low compared to usual meteorites, thus realizing per gram prices up to $25000 !NWA 4483 was found in the Sahara desert and classified as a feldspathic granulitic breccia, similar samples of which had been recovered at most Apollo lunar highland sites.

Frequently asked questions:

How does lunar material actually come to earth?

The moon is constantly hit by meteorites itself and with no atmosphere and little gravity larger impacts can always eject lunar rocks into space where some material gets caught by the gravity of earth which ultimately catches the rock and it comes down as a meteorite to earth.

How do you know it's real lunar material?

Scientists and universities all around the world are examining meteorites and compare them with known lunar material, e.g. samples collected during the Apollo missions. The composition of gases and isotopes found is so unique that they can say for sure the material originated from the moon. The NWA 4483 meteorite was classified by Dr. Irving and Dr. Korotev. NWA-4483 is currently studied further at the University of Washington. Further detailed information can be retrieved from the

The box is 2x1 inch in size and can be opened, of course, to touch your pieceof the moon !A PERFECT AND UNUSUAL GIFT IDEA!

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Lunar Meteorite NWA 4483 MOONROCK - Lunar Rock
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