NASA Has No Evidence of UFO Sightings



NASA has been at the center of speculations regarding extraterrestrial life and UFO sightings for decades. Many believers were increasingly convinced of government conspiracies to hide UFO evidence after the Roswell incident of 1947. Claims of the supposed extraterrestrial spacecraft that crashed in New Mexico were quickly debunked by government officials who confirmed it was merely a malfunctioning weather balloon. Despite overwhelming pressure from UFO enthusiasts, NASA has upheld its denial of any evidence supporting actual UFO sightings. Their official website explicitly states, “NASA does not track or research Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO’s)” ( While not directly refuting that UFOs could exist, NASA does not support or confirm any claims of possible sightings.

In 1972, when NASA astronauts John Young, Thomas Mattingly, and Charles Duke claimed to have witnessed a mysterious “‘saucer-shaped object’” during their Apollo 16 mission to the moon, NASA conducted an extensive analysis of the video footage supposedly capturing said “object.” Analysts performed a digital scan in order to view the video images at a higher resolution and closely examined several individual frames from the footage. Upon completion of its investigation, NASA concluded the object in question was merely “‘the EVA [spacewalk] floodlight/boom,” and there was no sufficient evidence to prove otherwise. Since then, there have been numerous occurrences of NASA astronauts claiming to have witnessed UFO sightings, but they have failed to provide any supporting evidence to prove their allegations.

While NASA has been firm in its stance against witnessing possible UFO sightings, if NASA had any actual evidence supporting their existence, it has thus far been withheld from the general public. Realizations of confirmed UFOs could result in a number of adverse outcomes including widespread panic worldwide. The probability of NASA being able to successfully conceal such sensitive information long-term is unlikely; therefore, it can best be concluded that NASA has not witnessed a true UFO sighting.


  • Posted on by Catherine

    I have read Scott Lemriel’s books and I think NASA is hiding the truth. They have UFO sightings proof

  • Posted on by Zach

    I Think that they are hiding proof.

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