Space Suit Durability



Over the last 50 years, the durability of the space suit has, literally gone from stone age to new age. At its inception back in 1944, it has gone from a one-time use to lasting upwards of 15 years.

Beginning with a weight years ago staring at 180lbs, the suit now weights 110lbs. And has it has progressed the durability of the suit has gotten longer and longer. With new fibers being used, new techniques in molding the suit and new combinations of metal alloys, the suits have very much increased in stamina as well as the use of not just for one individual, but can be used on more than one person and used again and again.

They have also increased to time for the astronaut to be outside of the shuttle, by increasing the air time given to preform duties need in space. The companies that now design the space suits have increased the durability by adding an extra scuff resistant liner to the inside and increased the mobility of the person using the suit.

By doing this they have better ventilation systems, better temperature controls, and better movement side the suit creating a longer lasting uniform for the modern astronaut. With the inception of new materials they have created boots that are much more durable for the moon walks, thus increasing durability of the boots as well. And the dramatic changes in the helmets also allows for the helmet to last much longer than in the past.

All in all with countless hours spent on materials and testing the durability of the space suit has more than doubled in the last 50 years. Price may have risen as well, but all in all, from the one time use, to 15 years, is simply amazing.

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